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Steering & Suspension

Steering and Suspension issues can cause a number of problems such as steering pull to the left or right, bouncing after going over a bump, wheel wobble and other hard to steer conditions that compromise your driving control. These issues can and should be fixed immediately.

Dart Automotive is a steering and suspension specialist with experience on all European, Japanese and Local vehicles.

If you are looking for Shock Absorbers or you are experiencing issues with your steering or suspension please call in to speak to one of our specialists.

Signs of a suspension problem?

You'll probably feel it if a spring fails, your ride will become hard and jarring. Failed shocks may result in excessive "bouncing" or up and down movement of your car's front or back end. It may also become harder to steer.

CV Shafts & Joints

CV joints are necessary because they transfer torque at a constant speed to the wheels. They also accommodate the up and down motions of the suspension system. CV joints are packed with grease which is held in place in a rubber or plastic protective cover called the CV joint boot.

If the boot becomes cracked or broken, the grease can begin to leak out while dirt and moisture begin to get in. This can make the CV joint corrode, dry out and ultimately fail.

Shocks & Struts

Your car's suspension not only keeps your car riding smoothly, it keeps your wheels in proper contact with the road. This is vital to safe steering and braking. Properly working shock absorbers also help extend the life of your tyres. A smooth ride is not something anyone should take for granted. That's why we use only top quality shock absorbers.

Wheel Alignment

Proper wheel alignment means a lot. It extends the life of your tires, provides significantly better fuel economy, a more comfortable ride, and makes your car safer.

If you feel your car pulling to the left or the right, that could indicate improper wheel alignment. Other signs include excessive or uneven tyre wear, a vibration in your steering wheel, off centre steering or an overall feeling of wandering or looseness in your vehicle.

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