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Rego Inspections

Safety checks and inspections

Roads and Maritime Services maintain inspection and certification schemes to make sure that all vehicles meet minimum safety requirements. Most vehicles require an eSafety Check before you can renew registration. Other inspections may be required for different vehicle types.

ESafety Check for light vehicles

Generally, vehicles more than five years old require an eSafety Check (sometimes called a pink slip) before you can renew the registration. This includes:

  • Vehicles with shape codes CON, COU, FCV, HRS, SBS, SED, TWC and WAG up to 5 tonnes tare weight
  • Vehicles with shape codes PVF, PVS, CHS, MH, PVN, PVW, VAN, TT, TTF and UTE with a GVM up to 4.5 tonnes
  • All motorcycles, including those with a side-car
  • Caravans with a tare weight of 411kg or more
  • Other trailers with a tare weight of 251kg or more, and a gross trailer mass (GTM) of 750kg or less

Your registration renewal notice will state whether or not your vehicle needs a safety check.